• Blake Jones

Top 5 Reasons Your Property Isn't Selling

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Many people are faced with difficulty when selling their home if they are not seeing the results or the attention they had hoped for or anticipated. There are five major reasons for which I've seen homes down sell. I'll explain these, and even tell you how we can avoid these problems to ensure your home is sold quickly and efficiently for top market value.

1. Price

Price is likely the most important factor. Your home could be immaculate and completely renovated, but if the recently sold homes in the area don’t warrant the price your asking, then the home won’t sell. Even if it is placed under contract, you risk the home appraising under the sale price, which could result in a deal falling through.

2.  Upgrades 

Having a dated home and/or a home that needs a little bit of sprucing-up can cause the property to sit. Trying to compete with other properties that are completely renovated and in a newer state is always a tall order, and you will almost always take a back seat, unless your price reflects those needed upgrades.

3. Condition

When I refer to condition, I don’t mean countertops and new appliances. I’m speaking about the overall livable state of the property. If you’re selling a property with peeling paint, rotten wood, mold, and crumbling asbestos insulation, you could be alienating a large portion of prospective purchasers, because banks are cautious when lending on properties that are considered hazardous.

4.  Realtor

Finding a realtor you like and get along with is great, but you need to investigate the job they’re doing if your home isn’t selling. Sometimes homes are priced correctly and in good condition, but if your realtor hasn’t marketed the property efficiently, or made sure all of the correct features are listed, and if they haven’t listed your property on all third party websites, then you might be missing out on a solid portion of purchasers. If your realtor isn't returning phone calls and working diligently to schedule showings, it might be time to consider another Realtor.

5. Staging

It is always important to capture all of your homes best features and maximize the living space while staying neutral as possible  so your perspective purchasers can envision themselves living in the Home. For example if your home has 4 bedrooms but only one living room and no family room and you hear constant complaints for purchasers that there isn’t a family room then it might be a good idea to market the 4th bedroom as family room, especially if it is on the first floor

As your realtor, I will work to ensure we avoid these problems to the best of my ability. Making sure we sell your property quickly at top market value is my highest priority. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free market analysis or consultation so that we can get your property sold!

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